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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
By FreeSpiritFoto
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You might have heard about it.  You even might have seen it on tv.  Maybe The Today Show?  Maybe Local News?  I'm talking about my personal project, "More Than 4." 

Do you know what that "More Than 4" means?  And don't feel dumb if you didn't, because chances are if your kids are healthy, then you don't know!

Its means only 4% of research funds go to children...4!

Let me rewind for a moment.  Remember this?

That was my very FIRST personal project, "The Forgotten Project" and it was a documentation of my father caring for my mother, who has Alzheimers.  Well it filled my heart with such beauty and sadness and brought awareness to not only Dementia but Caregiving as well.  At the end of my project, I hosted a Photo Exhibit at the Jack Meier Gallery in Houston and it was a huge success, check out a few pictures from the event.


After the event, I had a conversation with the Lord and asked what else He wanted me to do with my talent and how could I use it for the good of people.  I had an answer and it was cancer. My initial theme was "cancer doesn't discriminate" and document cancer from birth to old age.  So off I went, bright eyed and bushy tailed (and uneducated) to capture cancer!  I started with children and guess what? I ended there!  I soon realized that was where the need was, in pediatric cancer.

In 20 years, only 1 drug has been developed for pediatric cancer. 


How could that be? 

I soon went from not knowing one single child with cancer to six, practically overnight!  To say I was stressed was an understatement.  My mommy brain was in total overdrive.  Every time my child complained of anything from a tummy ache to growing pains, I panicked.  And if you know me personally, I'm a recovering germaphobe!  So I had to quickly squash any anxiety over all the germs during the hospital visits.  

I soon became obsessed with my mission to spread awareness and to "showcase" these 6 families.  I wanted to be their voice!  Capturing "real" images and adding a story to their moment.  What it really feels like to have a child with cancer.  

The loneliness, isolation, fear, anger, and every emotion in between! 


I sat with them.


I invited them to my house for dinner, tried to create normalcy for them, even though knowing me wasn't in a "normal" situation.  I wanted to see their sweet faces laughing, instead crying.  Eating yummy food instead of stale hospital food. 


I visited in their homes, Emergency rooms, Doctor appointments, Physical Therapy, even celebrated their birthdays with a few of them.  With your help, I raised money for each family to go towards things us "healthy" people might not think of, such as daily parking at the hospital, food, coffee, gas, etc.


I've spent countless hours with the 6 unforgettable families.  To say they are strong, is an understatement!  The tears, frustration, patience, and peace I have witnessed the last several months has taught me to s.l.o.w down and enjoy every single minute with my children.  Megan, Cortni, Natalie, LeighAnn, Kerry, and Amber.....you are strong enough to conquer this ugly disease called cancer!

And to everyone reading this, you too, can be a part of their journey.  How?  By attending our More Than 4 Photo Exhibit on October 7th at Glade Gallery in The Woodlands.  We are asking everyone to wear gold, in honor of Pediatric cancer.  Alcohol and finger foods will be served.


So are you ready to rsvp?  Get a sitter, grab a sweet lil' dress and come experience an epic night for a good cause?  Click here to rsvp and spread the word! More Than 4 RSVP


Make sure to check out some of our media exposure!  You know this lil' project went national! 


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