The most amazing BRIDGE! Houston TX Photographer
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Friday, September 29, 2017
By FreeSpiritFoto
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The bridge!!!

It was built in 1930 but as more and more people purchased cars, it eventually became a pedestrian bridge in 1987 because it couldn't handle the weight and it wasn't wide enough.

I knew of this bridge for quite some time now, even visited it on my own about a year ago.  Problem is, its a bit of trouble to actually get on the bridge.  And lots of walking!  But I knew Kristen would be up for the challenge and I'm so glad she was!

Now that I gave you a little history lesson about the bridge, let me tell you a little history about Kristen! lol

I've been photographing her family since Finn was a wee little newborn!  Now he's all grown up and even better....a good big brother to his little sis, Phoebe. 

It was scorching hot but with lots of water, we managed to snap some amazing pictures! Finn looked adorable in our sunglasses and hat and of course Phoebe looked precious in our dress and headband! 

I think I might do some minis on this bridge, what do you think???? 

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