The bridge of all bridges!
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Monday, November 06, 2017
By FreeSpiritFoto
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The bridge of all bridges!!!  I love this bridge and its old history and steel beauty.  But what I do NOT love was the mass chaos of local homecoming families who literally raided the bridge.  I'm not talking about a few families.....I'm talking about a 100 families!  I looked left, they were there.  I looked right, they were there.  If they could have hung from the bridge, they would have!  LOL

Seriously though, pretty high school girls in gorgeous dresses and boys in suits and their parents trailing along with their cameras were EVERYWHERE!  They even ran into me and almost knocked my camera over!

But unfortunately, this is what happens when you use a public space.  We ended up grabbing some wonderful shots for this bridge mini.  These amazing families purchased my "Anytime Mini" I offered dirt cheap back in March, when I was trying to raise money for my More Than 4 families.  You can check the families out here:  MT4 Families

Adri, Kristen and Sarah are amazing and I just loved seeing them again and capturing their sweet families!!!

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