MT4 Photo Exhibit was a success!!
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017
By FreeSpiritFoto
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I'm still floating on cloud 9 from this past weekends photo exhibit.  It was everything I hoped for and much more!  If you didn't get a chance to attend, I'm so sorry because you missed one hell of a special night! 

We had over 200 guests.  Wine was flowing, lovely food displayed and fancy people mingling around for hours and the lovely and upscale, Glade Gallery.

The guests definitely complimented the venue!

The exhibit was upstairs, following a beautiful twisted staircase.  Starting to the right, I begin the photo journey with my letter, describing my thoughts on the project.  Then it went in alphabetical order with Bailee, Colt, Dylan, Jessy, Rio and then Willow.  Each child had a set of 6 images and before you viewed their set, they had a hand written letter framed for the viewer to read.  Of course the children that were too young to write, their moms wrote their thoughts.  I wanted to give them a chance to express themselves with their own words and each letter was beautifully and emotionally written. 

Here's my letter that began the photo journey:

Check out the images from the MT4 Photo Exhibit

I wanted to make sure to end on a happy note, so I came up with this lovely Warrior Wall.  The whole photo exhibit was black and white, but the warrior wall was vibrant with color and I did that on purpose.  After each viewer wiped their tears from the photo journey, I wanted them to end with a smile while they viewed these beautiful images of these warriors!

A few images some guest took:

I selected two non-profits that I feel strongly about and wanted to donate our collections from Saturday night's event.  Gavins Galaxy and Friday Harbour are near and dear to my heart.  Gavin is Sam's son who was diagnosed with cancer and Sam has dedicated his life to actually trying to change the more than 4%!  He makes several trips to DC a year, speaking with lobbyists, senators and whoever is in charge of changing laws.  Travis is with Friday Harbour and they are a lovely non-profit that offers lodging in the medical center to cancer patients and their families.  You can check out their fb pages, here:  Gavins Galaxy and Friday Harbour


During the middle of the event, we spoke about each non-profit and the donations began to flow in!  We were so blessed with wonderful, giving guests.  By the end of the evening, we raised.......take a guess........




I couldn't believe my eyes and ears!  I am so happy that I could help out these two wonderful organizations. 

But there was ONE more thing I wanted to make sure would happen....  A very special person named Adrienne, or Big A was part of my Warrior Wall and has an amazing life story.  I wanted to make sure we blessed her with some money.  So after speaking with Sam and Travis, they decided to honor my request and together, we gifted her with $1,500! 

I managed to scan a few letters for you to read:

Check out our lil' video we made from Saturday...

Did you attend?  What did you think?  Drop a comment to let me know your thoughts!


Love, FSF

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