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Tuesday, May 19, 2015
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I super duper adore Laura and her family.  They have purchased TWO Grow With Me Packages.....you know what that means?  That means I've watched Quinn grow up big and beautiful and now I get to witness Ryland grow up and I couldn't be happier!  Being a repeat client, is one of the sweetest compliments to a photographer!! So with that said, let me tell you all the drama behind THIS session! LOL 


So if you live in Houston, you've seen all the rain and crappy weather this season!  I mean, really?  Should we build an ark?  Grr!!!  Its ruined tons and tons of my sessions and my poor clients are probably sick of the rescheduling!  So Laura lives about an hour or more away from this location and she took off on this particular day to prepare for the session and not have to rush after work and so forth.  Well we chatted a bunch beforehand and I kept saying we should reschedule, but b/c she took off work and had everything planned, she was said she was coming to this side of town regardless!  EEK!  That made me super nervous!  I even called her 30 min before our scheduled session to tell her it was RAINING and she was coming no matter what! lol  So I met her IN THE RAIN (a first for me!) and I'm telling ya, its like God felt sorry for us b/c as we were getting the kids out of the car to only stretch their legs  (IN THE RAIN), it started to slow down to a sprinkle!  Now I was worried about the light.  You never want to shoot in weather that's "too" cloudy and gloomy b/c it produces such a flat light.  There's isn't any shadow or depth.  So I was worried about that and trying to explain that to her was difficult.  Well anyways, we said screw it lets just try and sure enought THIS IS WHAT WE GOT!  Its like the heavens opened up and gave us light! LOL  It ended up being a gorgeous session and all thanks to one determined mama! 





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