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Sunday, October 29, 2017
By FreeSpiritFoto
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I met Heather a few years ago when her kiddos were just little ones.  Her husband is a pilot so to get her and I are the same schedule is totally crazy!  It literally takes a couple of back and forths until we find a date that works for both of us.  Well last year she wanted me to come out to her parents property in Conroe.  I am game for new locations and was happy to drive her way.  When I pulled up, I had NO idea how beautiful her property would be.  She explained it a little but man oh man she down played the beauty!  

From a huge private lake to an amazing pasture with horses and donkeys to a giant rustic barn to a private log is so cozy and peaceful I WANT TO LIVE THERE!  lol

When she called me for this year of course we went back to it! She has such fond memories of the property and is so happy to share with her kids, she wanted me to capture their love of each other and of the property.  

I think I nailed it...don't you agree?

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