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Thursday, September 14, 2017
By FreeSpiritFoto
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I know one of the hardest steps during a session prep is WARDROBE!  What do you wear?  What does hubby wear?  What do the kids wear?  EEK!  It can sometimes be so overwhelming that some people just don't book a session!  Well I'm here to help you out because I was once in your shoes and literally freaked out! General rule of thumb is this... you don't want to be matchy because honestly that looks silly.  And you don't want to be that family that wears all white or all black either. 


When a client books with me, my best advice is that the wardrobe should compliment your family style.  If you are fun, carefree and spontaneous, then your wardrobe shouldn't be dressy.  But if you are more of the formal type of family like dad wears suits to work and mom is always in business attire, then don't show up to a session in flip flops (well never come to a session in flip flops period....but you get my drift!) lol


I took some time and created several Pinterest boards just for you!  I'm such a visual person so anything that I can see, helps me tons!  Someone can tell me til their blue in the face about how to dress, but until I see an outfit, I'm lost.  So depending on what season your session is in, you'll want to take a look at that particular board. 

Check out my boards:

Fall Wardrobe

Spring Wardrobe

Beach Wardrobe


"Ok great, so she showed me what I should wear, but WHERE do I buy these clothes?"  Good question!


I will also share some of my favorite vendors to help you out:

Well Dressed Wolf

Ele Story

Free People


Just remember, planning a session takes time.  If you rush and wait until the last minute, guess what?  Your session will look like that!  One of the perks to hiring me, is I offer my very own collection of dresses just for you.  Some people love my FSF wardrobe and take advantage of it, but some people want to use their own wardrobe, which is fine either way.  I'm just offering another way I can take stress off of you during your prep.  Check out my wardrobe just for you! 

FSF Wardrobe

But remember, I'm constantly buying new items, so this album is almost always out of  So let me know if you want to see more.


So as you can see, I am the type of photographer that is VERY involved in your planning.  I'm not one to just book the session and then just show up the day of the session, not having talked to you at all.  Nope not me!  I'm holding your hand, one step at a time, to build your perfect session! 


Oh and I almost and hair stylist?  I got that covered as well! 


So I hope this little blog post helps you have confidence in me!  Together, you and I can ROCK YOUR SESSION! 


Until next time.....


P.S. - If you'd like for me to add more Pinterest boards or add to each board, drop me a line below!  Also, tell me what you like about this post!!!

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