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Wednesday, December 31, 2014
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Well this year has come and gone.  We've gotten a few more grey hairs, maybe gained a few more pounds and the kids have doubled in size!  I started this year with a Boudoir mini session and ended the year with a new family session.  All in between I've had unicorns, valentines, back to school, mommy and me, families, newborns, high school seniors and a wedding.  I started a personal project called Project 365. In all honesty, I should have completed it by tomorrow and I've really messed up!  I'm way behind and it was harder than I thought but I WILL NOT QUIT!  I have about 100 days to go and I will finish! 


I'm not good at writing or grammar, although I really wish I were.  So excuse me for my poor grammatical note, but I just wanted to say thank you 2014.  Thank you for each and every client.  I know I repeat myself but honestly I believe I have the best clients.  There's a 1000 photographers in the area and I know you could go anywhere, but you chose me.  My number one compliment of 2014 was that when I asked you why you chose me, the majority said, "Because your look is different" and I love that.  I have always been "different" in my life but now I see it has a compliment.  It makes my heart smile when I hear that you came to see me because of my uniqueness.  

I've made business mistakes and made a few clients upset.  I cried and wanted to give up.  I wanted to quit my job and just concentrate on homeschooling.  Its been easy sometimes and very difficult.  I'm always a work in progress and always wanting to improve.  My clients have always been encouraging and even given me constructive criticism.  

I took this idea of being a photographer over 6 yrs ago and made it happen.  I remember about 7 yrs ago my sister in law asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up (chuckle) and I said, "Oh I'd love to own my own photography business but I know that will never happen.." I really thought it was just a dream I couldn't reach.  But I picked up my camera and starting shooting. Starting stalking photographers on the internet and asking them questions.  I wrote everything down and made a lot of mistakes trying to get the images just right.  I look back at my first year and feel a bit embarrassed that I called myself a photographer!  But everyone has to start somewhere.  Everyone has a dream and you can make yours happen if you just want it bad enough!  Put one foot in front of the other and move towards that dream.  Don't  listen to that little negative voiuce inside your head that will tell you your wasting your time.  Punch that voice in the mouth and keep working on it and before you know it, you'll accomplosh your dream!  Just don't ever give up!  

So take a look below.  This was my 2014.  Thank you for making it happen!  Thank you for trusting me!  Thank you for hanging "my work" in your house for all to see.  Thank you for being you!  Thank you 2014.


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