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Saturday, April 12, 2014
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I LOVE new clients....getting to know the parents as well as the kiddos!  I absolutely fell in love with these two!  She was so spunky and he was so smart and such a good big brother!  You know what I LOVE to capture?  I love to capture what your child is into at THAT moment in their life.  Because we all know they grow up SO fast.  One day we are holding them in our arms and the next, they are walking out to go to college. Life happens so fast and children change so quickly, so I love to capture that memory of what they are into at that moment in time.  

Right now, he loves trains and she loves purses, dolls and bubbles.  

I love photographing child play and all the little details that go around it.  The image below of her sweet little painted nails, patiently waiting in her lap while her mommy gets the toys.  One day she'll be all grown up and those chubby little wrists and legs will be gone.  He loves playing with trains and as soon as mommy put it together, he quickly got lost into his own world.  One day he'll be grown up and we will miss those special moments.  And its MY job to help capture them for you..  

I love my job and I thank God everyday!


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