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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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I was so excited when Danielle called me up to photograph her kiddos again!  It's been a couple of years!  I've photographed her baby girl when she was just a little one and then her son twice in the past, so I was estactic to see them and how much they've grown!  I remember how beautiful her children were so I wanted to bring a few crowns and special props for Madison.  She rocked the session and so did son! He was a hoot and 110% boy!  


Its so funny b/c kids will be kids and I think somehow, parents think they should act more mature during a session and some parents get overwhelmed when there kids act like......well kids!  I say let the kids be kids!  These two were running around, then fighting, then being silly and I always embrace it all and remind the parents that it is ok.  They are acting as they should and its totally fine.  Some parents leave the session thinking we didn't get any cute pictures and I ALWAYS surprise them! lol  Its my job, I always say!  


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