Blankie and baby
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Sunday, June 08, 2014
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Can't live without it

When Skylar was about 2yo, she became attached to this blanket (aka blankie) & this horse (aka baby). It has been so worn with love, torn in two and sewed up again and she still doesn't part with it. She does this thing with her finger, as seen in the image below. 

I wanted to capture it. Keep it visible forever. 

She turns the silk corner into two and flicks it back and forth with her finger, while sucking her thumb, til she falls asleep. She's done this for almost 6 years every.single.night. 

One day she will outgrow it and this beautiful loved baby and blankie will be thrown onto the floor, forgotten. She'll grow up and won't need it anymore. That day will make my heart sad. 

This is why I wanted to capture her, in her moment, before bedtime....with blankie and baby


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